Denise Ho – Living and working as a creative in Hong Kong

Being a creative in Hong Kong can be challenging, living and working with limited space. Being a working mother adds a lot of extra tasks on top. Denise Ho is managing both. Her work as Consultant and Stylist, working with brands like Apple, Lane Crawford, Shanghai Tan and her personal life, running her family. Denise is part of cultural creatives in Hong Kong and always in the centre of the scene. She never stops moving forward with her bubbly personality and her tremendous creative energy.

How do you define your womanhood?
I just had a baby so I guess that is the most womanly one can be!

What is your profession?
I am a consultant and stylist.

Who do you look up to?
All women who are able to do it all (family, children and career)

Shanghai Tang Photo Shooting - Styling by Denise Ho
Shanghai Tang Photo Shooting – Styling by Denise Ho

Which do you value more: love, or work?
I love my work so i guess it has to be the balance between the two.

How would you define your lifestyle with three words?

What inspires you?
Everything that makes me stop and think.

What is your dream holiday getaway?
In the middle of no where with no cell phone signals.

Styling by Denise Ho

What are your favorite beauty tips?
Evian sprays, I spray it over my face after makeup to give a dewy touch and helps my makeup lasts longer

If everyone in the world was comprised of 2 elements, which would yours be?
Compassion and style

What makes you feel empowered, and when do you feel most empowered?
I Creating inspiration and meaningful results

Using any kind of descriptor, how would you describe your look?
Classic with a twist

Styling by Denise Ho

Do you feel that it’s important to stay up to date with technology? How do you interact with technology around you?
Yes it’s important as technology is the only way to do things better. I try to talk to as many people and also read as much about it as possible.

Are you someone who considers future trends, today? If so, how do you stay ahead of the trends?
I think it’s ok to keep up-to-date with current trends ( from social media and press) but I personally prefer something a little more timeless

We know you are involved in some interesting creative projects, tell us what you are  working on these days.
I am consulting for an up-cycling label The R Collective ( I am working on the new collection for my own hand-knit label Knotti and also styling shoots here and there.

Styling by Denise Ho
Styling by Denise Ho

What is your rule as a stylist?
I think dressing other people is a process, it’s not something that you can instantly do. I definitely like to do a little study beforehand, like get to know the person , understand what she/he is comfortable with and see how far I can push. Also get to know the body too is crucial and see what works and what doesn’t and also see how the body moves. Again, it’s all about study/research when you dress other people. It’s a very satisfying thing to see you have transformed one person’s style completely but still within her comfort zone.
Dressing myself is easy as you know yourself the best, right?

What is your most favorite work you have produced?
I styled a 90 year old lady  recently, she was wise/interesting/full of character, was a joy to work with. The images didn’t come out as good as I wanted as we couldn’t use a flash but I thought the experience was great and I would do it all over again.

What is it like to be a creative in Hong Kong?
Lack of space so you get used to working in stuffy environment

How is to be a mother?
It’s out of this world!

Where is your favorite in Hong Kong at the moment?
Swimming and doing outdoor activities with my family.

How would you like to spend this years Xmas?
Going to Taiwan to visit my in-laws and then take our baby to the beach

Hong Kong born fashion consultant and stylist Denise Ho graduated at Rhode Island School of Design as a Fashion Design student in 2000. Following her studies, she spent three years in New York as a Design Assistant in the depths of Soho. After then, she moved to London and transitioned into fashion styling and developed the experience by assisting Sarah Richardson. Another 3 years later, she returned home and started her career as a freelance fashion stylist. Magazines that Denise contributes to includes Vanity Fair (Italy), Prestige HK, Tatler HK, The Post. Denise is currently working on multiple projects including consulting for The R collective and expanding her own label Knotti.

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