Everything You Need to Know to Help You Walk in Heels

We’ve all seen the long-legged, beautifully graceful women who strut down the street in heels and make it look terribly easy. Who taught them? Did they wake up in heels? Where did they inherit such suave movements?

These are questions that we’ll try to provide answers to in this quick how-to guide. From posture to technique, and what to do while standing, you’ll walk away after reading this with all the confidence you need to rock any pair of heels.

How to walk

Just because heels offer you a little more height, doesn’t mean you need to rid yourself of everything you’ve ever learned about walking. Your natural walk goes heel first, then toes, and that’s the golden rule for walking in heels. Heel to toe, not the other way around πŸ™‚

Take a step, place your heel down, and shift your weight toward the ball of your foot. Then push off, and take your next step.

Image by Ekaterina Pokrovsky

Stand straight!

A great way to improve your posture while walking (and standing) is to imagine a book on your head, or a string pulling you up from the top of your head. Your back tends to arch when you wear heels so it’s important to keep your posture straight.

Keep your shoulders back, and chin parallel to the floor. Arms should be relaxed to the sides, and you can swing them to help you maintain balance. Keep your core engaged. If you find yourself walking too fast, your neck may start to protrude, so lean back a bit rather than leaning forward.

Composite image by Lemurik and Africa Studio

Baby steps will keep you from rushing

You are a dainty bird whose steps are small and slow. You’re in no rush. You stride with elegance. We all have busy days, but no matter what you do, you won’t walk as fast in heels as you will in flats, so remember to shorten your stride. The taller your heel, the shorter your stride will be. You’ll look and feel more confident at a slower pace.

Image by sirtravelalot

Visualize it to believe it

Seeing yourself in heels, imagining yourself as the gorgeous vision that you are, plays such a huge role in your appearance. Imagine yourself walking naturally in a straight line from point A to point B. Keep your head up and focus on your destination, avoid looking down at your heels. Point your toes in the direction you’re headed, this will help you keep straight. Avoid locking your knees and keep calm, you’ll get the hang of it!

You can also imagine yourself strutting down a runway. Placing one foot in front of the other will naturally make your hips swing a big, but you won’t have to force it. Exaggerated sways will look like you’re doing too much work.

Work it!

Image by Goran Jakus

If the shoe fits…wear it

There’s nothing worse than a shoe that’s too big, especially while wearing heels. It’s just not possible. Heels that are too small are probably in the top 5 most painful things to do to your feet. Don’t do that either πŸ™‚

Thankfully, if you have shoes that are too big, insert soles or pads into your pumps and booties. Try leather insoles to cushion your feet and make walking more comfortable. You’ll also prevent bunions and blisters this way. If your heels are too small, stretch the shoes out. Wear socks with your heels and give them some heat with a hair dryer.

Break in your heels to ensure the perfect fit β€” try walking around in them at home. Or even dance! Feeling yourself in your heels is part of the fun.

Give your heels a test drive on different types of surfaces, before putting them to the test in an actual day out. Try wooden flooring, carpet, concrete pavements, whatever you think you’ll encounter. Grass might be a bit tricky, but practice your walk and use more of your ankles and calf muscles. Keep an eye out for cracks, uneven and slippery surfaces.

Image by VGstockstudio

All the ways to be in heels

Standing: Don’t just aim to look stunning while you walk. Look stunning while you stand! Alternate shifting your weight from one foot to the other to keep your feet feeling fresh. With your free foot, angle your toe inward and place it next to your standing foot.

Sitting: Sit down as much as possible. If your feet don’t hurt, you know they mostly likely will. Cross your legs and stretch out the leg on top. You can show off your shoes while you rest (as you completely remove any weight from the foot on top).

Stairs: Step on only the ball of your foot to go up the stairs. Put your whole foot down to step down. Hold the railing, just in case.

Shoes Off: Don’t take your heels off if you’re going to put them back on. Your feet swell a bit after a long walk, so it might be painful to put them back on. When you take your shoes off completely, give your feet a nice rub. Stretch them out and give them time to recover.

Image by Alena Vizza

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