Falling in Love in Indonesian – Sonia Eryka is showing us her View of the World

Love and emotions are the tracks Sonia Eryka is building her life on. We are falling in love with Indonesian blogger, photographer, stylist and fashion entrepreneur – building her brand for people to feel the moment they fell in love – over and over again. Her photography shows her close observations of life. Sonia is a creative person to the bones, combining her passion for music, with her sense of fashion, building her universe for people to fall in love with. We are happy to have her here for this interview.

How do you define your womanhood?

My womanhood… I’m mastering it, yet it’s still a learning process until I die.

Sonia Eryka in flower field
Sonia Eryka in flower field

What is your profession? What’s your story?

I have a blog in which I write, take photos, make videos and cover about fashion. I also have a clothing line called ‘Kasmaran’, and I occasionally do styling. A bunch of different things to do in the same field

Sonia Eryka Portrait
Sonia Eryka taking Pictures
Sonia Eryka taking Pictures

Who do you look up to?
The closest people around me whom I see the effort and persistence from up close, daily. Like my family and my boyfriend, they have great taste and continuously exposing me to a lot of cool stuff

Which do you value more: love, or work?
A lot of what I do, if not all of it is inspired by love. It’s my first motivation when I make or work on anything.

Sonia Eryka photography
Sonia Eryka photography
Sonia Eryka photography

How would you define your lifestyle?
My day to day life is basically driven by impulse & curiosity, what describes it best would be adventurous & unpredictable.

“I wanted to turn that feeling of joy when you are in love, into something you could wear every day”

What inspires you?
Feeling and chemistry are things I think about and consider almost every time. My clothing line ‘Kasmaran’, means ‘falling in love’ in Indonesian, was created because I wanted to turn that feeling of joy when you are in love, into something you could wear every day. That is also the feeling I feel every time I learn and dig deeper into Indonesian culture.

Sonia Eryka Kasmaran

What is your dream holiday getaway?
A one way ticket to anywhere.

What are your favorite beauty tips?
I don’t have beauty routine… last time I experimented on something beauty related it was putting hot coconut oil on my bleached hair and it was really nice. But too lazy to pull that off as a routine. (I also put it on my face and made it super glowy but thanks to the internet it says doing that will cause breakout so that’s not a routine either.)


If everyone in the world was comprised of 2 elements, which would yours be?

I would be water and fire. It’s silly and contradictory but it gives me balance.

What makes you feel empowered, and when do you feel most empowered?
When I successfully teach myself something new, or completing small things I found myself doubting it before. The moment I learned to drive and I can commute everywhere, teaching myself one or two songs on keyboard – those are the small accomplishments that felt big. The ultimate empowerment will be when I successfully put my idealism before anything else at work.

Using any kind of descriptor, how would you describe your look?
A nostalgic maximalist?


Do you feel that it’s important to stay up to date with technology?
How do you interact with technology around you?
I don’t have the best relationship with technology, electronic gadgets make me anxious sometimes. 😀

Are you someone who considers future trends, today? If so, how do you stay ahead of the trends?
If keeping up with the trend means you always have to renew your wardrobe and buy new stuff every time, I’m not into that. I’m quite a hoarder for clothing, I still wear things I own 7-8 years ago and wear it no matter the forecast. It’s thrilling to be the one in flare pants when the world is full of skinny jeans.

Spring Time

What do you do on your down time?
Very normal stuff, like sleeping, do some cleaning or play with my dogs. I paint sometimes, not so good at it but messing around with colors gives me some kind of therapeutic effects.

You have a very good sense of style – tell us how you translate what is happening in the creative world and make it your own ?
Anything could be a media for me to express my thought so I’m learning to have my own opinion instead of following what’s already exist.

Orange Tree

You and your brother have a very tight relationship – what does family mean to you?
I am nothing without them. My parents have a weird combination of traditional but also the most progressive parenting they can do for me, my sister and two brothers. Even if I’m the coldest person in the world, they would be the only thing that gives me warmth.

We love the photos you take – what is your favorite thing to shoot and why? 
Thank you! It’s never planned but colors attracts me so much. I shoot anything with popping colors, or sometimes habits or behaviors that ‘harass’ your eyes. I love tacky stuff and things that aren’t supposed to be where it is.

Fashion Show
Fashion Show
Babie Dolls
Little Girl

What are you into now?
Being more honest about everything I do and make.

What would be your message to the world if everyone in the world can hear you right now?
People should drop everything else and try to be kind and wholesome for once, that would be very cool. And you don’t always have to be relevant.


What is your take on social media and how that affects creativity in the world?
I think the faster trends spread and blow up, the faster it will die, everything gets popular and turns overrated, and hardly anything is original anymore. But that also triggers people to develop or regenerate faster than before as they strive to make many more stuff that are out of the ordinary, and have their own identity to stand out. So that’s exciting to watch, observe, and to be in.

What does Xmas mean to you?
Celebrating the day when Jesus was born!


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