Happy Family Night Market Pays Homage to All Things Asian American

Summertime in New York is best celebrated through outdoor adventures, food discovery, music exploration, and deliciously hydrating refreshments. There are countless opportunities for cultural experiences in the summer, and this year, we’re particularly excited to experience the Happy Family Night Market in Brooklyn. The food-centric event will take place on July 14th, and is a one-day festival aimed at exploring Asian American narratives through food and culture, featuring performance, music, film, panel discussions, and so much more.

Po-Po’s Diane Chang and and Yudi Ela

The event will feature exclusive dishes by some of New York City’s greatest up and coming food talent, including: Chakriya Un of Kreung Cambodia, While in KathmanduJenn De La Vega of Randwiches, The Little OneDiane Chang of Po-Po’s (recently featured here!) and others. Besides unique and flavorful foods, attendees can indulge in refreshments concocted by talented mixologist Arley Marks, who will whip up Asian American cocktails for the festival.

Bubble T by Han Minu
Bubble T by Han Minu

Grab some food, have a drink, and listen in on one of the panel discussions, covering an array of subjects like gender, cultural appropriation, hybridized cuisines, and more. If you’re craving some visual stimulation, check out any of the films being screened or works of art being displayed. Stay till the end and dance the night away with NYC’s very own lively and Bubble T.

Kreung Cambodia by Mackenzie Smith Kelley
Happy Family Night Market NYC @ 99 Scott
99 Scott by Casey Kelbaugh
Les Loups, 99 Scott

The cultural food-centric festival is hosted by a team of women who are dedicated to helping create new relationships and associations between people and the food they consume. Learn a bit more about each of the women involved in the event below:

PHOEBE TRAN creates digital content and events that aim to inspire and provoke better relationships with food. She produces events and digital content for Food+Tech Connect, teaches children’s cooking classes, is in The New School’s food studies program, and freelance cooks for pop-ups and events.

NIKKI COHEN is an event producer who focuses on experiential programming in the art, music and food space. She runs her own NYC based event company, This Place, and works with her extensive network of artists and chefs for each happening.

NANCY PAPPAS is a graphic designer by trade, an illustrator by nature, and an avid traveler who spends much of her time illustrating, researching, and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. She believes in building beautiful and strategic solutions that are inspired by an empathetic understanding of the world around us. Some of her work can be seen on her website – www.nkpappasdesign.com.

ANGELINE GRAGASIN is a writer, filmmaker, and researcher who tells stories about ecology, memory, and power. Her background is interdisciplinary, her work equal parts poetic expression and critical inquiry. She is a recent alumnus of NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Some of her work can be seen on her website – http://angelinegragasin.com/

JEN HUNG is a chef in training at the Natural Gourmet Institute and volunteer cooks with farm share and education events around NYC. Previously she ran international digital and media campaigns crafting brand stories for non-profit, mission-driven organizations including in the conservation, education, mental and physical health spaces.

LYNA VUONG is a Brooklyn based interior designer and health-supportive cook. She has spent the past decade working on cultural projects, with a recent focus designing public libraries, also working intermittently on a farm, as a chef, and cooking at the Rome Sustainable Food Project. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Food Studies at New York University: exploring the intersection of food and design, and the ways that food issues can be creatively addressed to better serve communities.

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