How the Makers of ME ft. WE Reinvented the Fragrance Market

What if your experience for buying a new fragrance could be completely immersive and unique? The idea behind ME ft. WE’s scented brand is to give those who wear the scent, an entirely unique experience. A look at their showroom, which you can browse through in the slideshow below, will give you the slightest sense of their individualistic aesthetic. They create a sensory experience that pairs visuals and smells together, providing an entirely new sensory experience to visitors of the showroom.

The makers of ME ft. WE recently sat down with us to talk about the new kind of fragrance experience they’ve created, what the brand aspires to grow to, and all the ways they’ve been inspired to create their brand. Read on to learn their story!

How did the idea for ME Ft. WE come to you? What is the idea behind the brand?

ME Ft. WE is about an obsession with “fragrance”. People used to see it as something emotional, something irrational, but we believe that at the same time it could be rational. A fine balance between both. Our background comes from advertising and multimedia industries, and recently, we’ve become fascinated fascinated with the idea for exploration of senses and fragrances, incorporating them into different scenarios. That’s how the brand was established.

Can you tell us a bit about the design of your fragrance, and how you come up with the visual aesthetics for scents?

We believe that fragrance is something immaterial, calm and penetrative. It should be integrated with one’s personality. In a way it is neutral and rational. That’s the reason our product design and visual identity is more in line with mild and sensible feelings.

How important is perfume to the Chinese consumer?

Today’s new age of millennials have very different preferences than the previous generation in terms of fragrance and its retail experience. They would prefer something personalized and unique.

Your packaging is very minimal and elegant, which feels almost clinical in a way. What inspired you to choose this style?

We focus on the “calmness” that this product brings. We expect that it might help users relax and settle down a bit. This is our very first series and in the upcoming years we’d love to collaborate with other artists, painters or even architects in designing something interesting and imaginative.

How is the perfume market evolving in China? What specific ways do you think it benefits consumers and sellers?

The total annual sales for Chinese perfume is around $1.2 billion and increases by 30% per annum. In Europe, annual sales reach about $9 billion and in US, $4 billion. If you consider the fact that the Chinese population is 1/5 of the world’s population and only have 1.5% global market share, this is a market with significant potential.

What influences your decision to partner with a brand? How do you aim to position your brand?

We see scent as a language that drives and connects life and experience. Our brand is not about selling, but through products like candles, scents, diffusers, etc there exists a medium for scenic life experiences.

Your futuristic show booth at SHFW tells us that there’s a certain amount of attention you pay to the future and how that will allow your brand to evolve. How do you see your role in the fashion world evolving in the future?

  • Building fascinating products, investing in new & cool experiences, & constructing a good life
  • Designing solutions & inspiring each other to speak our humanity & beauty
  • Creating solutions for a brighter urban life

The market for perfume and scent products are invulnerable products in the luxury sector and we strive to be one of the new brands that incite inspiring thoughts into the industry. Fragrance is a beauty from the world and a lifestyle that reflects the pleasure of breath. And what we build is about bringing joy and constructing a good life. Our motto for the studio is, “ WHEN I LOVE, CREATE, THERE I AM TRUE ” — from a design process, we hope that the creative and sustainable solutions have could do good to our human life and urban experience.

What are some of your favorite places in Shanghai, and why?

The French concession in Shanghai, with a good preservation of architecture and also a comforting urban scale, is our favourite place. It allows the perfect balance between feeling the pulse of the city, exploring small alleys, and variety in the neighborhoods.

What are some of your favorite smells? Why are they your favorite?

I love the taste of mint, grass and mandarin — the most refreshing natural scents.

Can you tell us a little about the process behind the creation of some of your products?

In our studio, through exploration and countless testing, the product is the result of infusing arts and science to living experience. The unique scent and visual representation is inspired from different curriculum such as fine arts, fashion and music. We hope that this consumption adds a bit of surprise, aesthetic sense and enlightenment to everyday life.

Paper is one of the experimental materials in our scented products. In the end, we did not choose ordinary paper but “Tyvek” paper as the container material which is a new breakthrough from the ordinary concept of containers. This idea of extracting and developing “surprise” elements from daily life sounds simple but each product is handled with our touch and care to ensure consumers would have an interesting and inspiring experience.

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