Here Are the Makeup Trends You Need to Try in 2018

With the start of each new year comes a slew of new fashion and makeup trends, and since we’ve already taken a moment to call out some of our favorite projected trends for 2018, we figured we’d do the same with makeup. It’s fair to say that 2018 is the year of glitter, metallics, highlighters, and bold looks, from lipstick to eyeliner, eyeshadow and more. If you’re looking to change up your makeup look and aren’t sure where to start, have a look below for some inspiration.

Eye Shadow

Sunny yellow, smoky violet, blue, smudged iridescent, watercolor, metallic royal blue, glitzy glittery finish, silvers. (If you’re trying to avoid an accidental ’80s look, avoid shadows that have any hint of white — go for rich, opaque colors instead.)


  • Try applying to inside or outer corners of eyes if you’re feeling a bit shy about the pop of color.
  • To go all out, apply shadow from your brow bones to the base of your lashes.
  • Blend different types of violet across your eyelids for a bolder shade of violet. Try dusting lavender (or any other lighter shimmery color) for a softer look.


Matte black shades, dark, white.


  • For an art deco cat eye, try sharp angles in darker shades, rather than the sloping classic wings.
  • Use a more intense stroke to bring out your eyes by using a slightly heavier hand.
  • Pull off Cleopatra liner with sharp points at the inner corners of the eyes to match up with the winged liner that defines the outer corners.
  • Try an underlined look by tracing a line along your lower lash lines and flicking the liner upwards at the end.
  • Step up your liner game by bedazzling your lash lines with some glitter, rhinestones, and gems. Adhere to your eyelids and around your eyes using lash glue.
  • The classic black eyeliner will always be in style — trace thick around both lash lines and wing at the edges for dramatic angles, or create graphic shapes. You can do so much more than simply tracing a thin line above your lashes!
  • You can add a little roundness to the classic cat eye flick also by rounding off the edges. Pull this off by tracing the outline of the wing first, then filling in, OR use a small makeup sponge applicator as a stamp to create your rounded shape.
  • Retro clumpy lashes are also making a comeback, as seen in the Christian Dior Spring 2018 show. These require layers of mascara and a few well placed lashes.

Flushed Blush

Rosy, flushed, strong pinks.


  • Bring some redness to your cheeks by mixing red, burgundy, and brown lipsticks onto your cheeks with your fingers.
  • You can also try a rosy cream blush in Macaroon, too.
  • Pair with matching eyeshadow to make your features really pop!


Glitter, crystals, highlights, rose gold, glow-y tones.


  • A generous amount of highlighter will help sculpt your skin in 3D with a fresh, age-defying glow.
  • Small gems paired with bare lids and dewy skin will allow you a more natural look with just a bit of sparkle.
  • Coordinate crystals with skin tone to keep your look natural but fresh.
  • Sweep highlighter across cheekbones or blend over eyelids.
  • The rise of ultra-highlighted skin is also going to be huge in 2018 — try a holographic violet pigment for a super glow.

Neon, Vivid Lips

Neon, orange, pink, inky shades of plum and cherry, matte finishes, metallica, red, sequins, frosted, glittery.


  • Top red lipstick with gloss shiner then a bit of your favorite highlighter.
  • For a metallic look, swipe a clear lip gloss with holographic shimmer over your favorite lipstick.
  • Go bold by choosing a frosted or glittery lipstick in a different or unusual shade.
  • Pair sequined lips with a bold and fluffy item of clothing — furry jackets in neon shades, holographic backpacks, etc.

Stay tuned for more tips like these as the year progresses — if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that 2018 is the year of shimmery highlights, and we are here for it✨

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