Your Neighborhood Guide to Tianhe, Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a commercial city that attracts a variety of people, especially travelers from all over the world. As a result, the city has a rich tourism culture, which has contributed to a growth of different cultures from all corners of the world. This city also happens to be the home base for weAre, and the subject of our second city guide! You may have recalled our Tokyo city guide from last month, which you can revisit here for future travels. This edition is perfect for the plant loving, coffee shop dwelling tourists (or locals) who are looking for places to hang out, meet with friends, or relax. Check out our selections below!

B. secret of flower
C. 1200 bookstore
F. Nine leaves flower art


Guangzhou Tianhe Sports East Road 31
MON-SUN 10:30-22:00
Tel: 020-89810939

Come to Ansuo for a charming combination of fashion and highly curated visuals. You’ll find seven different brands existing together under one roof, with everything from accessories to bags, shoes, clothing and more. The shop selections are regularly updated, so you probably won’t find the same items during a second trip!

B. Secret of flower

No. 106-2, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
MON-SUN 10:00-23:00
Tel: 159-19086219

The Secret of Flowers is a small flower shop that will immediately put you at ease. Simple, flowery decorations create an environment that not only smells great, but makes you feel great. You can browse through the shop, or take a class with one of the teachers who will help you learn how to create your own incredible flower arrangements.

C. 1200 bookstore

27 East Sports Road
MON-SUN 24hr
Tel: 020-85260827

Everyone who comes to the 1200 bookstore knows that this is a relaxing place to sit down and read, enjoy a coffee, and take a break from all the movement of the city. There’s very little noise in this bookstore, the perfect place to get lost in another world through words. Bring a friend, or come alone, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the smell of books and coffee.


No. 103, Liuyun 2nd Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City
MON-SUN 11:00-22:00

The luxurious tea-breaking spot, the newly-opened swiftlet in the Tianhe District is decorated in a simple, elegant and refined style with a bit of industrial style. It is nice to enjoy afternoon tea like a nobility in a neat manner.

This newly opened tea spot in the Tianhe District is decorated in a simple, elegant, and refined style with the slightest bit of industrial influence. You’ll feel like royalty while enjoying a nice afternoon tea in this cute and regal little cafe.


Liu Yun Er Street No. 27 102B
MON-SUN 10:00-22:00

In a store district filled with every color and appearance you could imagine, this small shop is a unique pop of minimalism. It lives on the corner, and is filled with attractive, classy styles, that will have you feeling pretty immediately after you walk in.

F. Nine leaves flower art

No. 1124, Tidal Current Station, 39-45 East Sports Road
MON-SUN 09:30-22:30

Nine leaves flower art is a small store with a dark blue green storefront that will immediately catch your eye. The store’s surroundings look a bit different from the store itself, which makes it stand out, but easily turns it into the area’s main attraction.


Tianhe Henan all the way No. 3 No. 3 Liuyun Street No. 104
MON-SUN 10:00-22:30

This shop balances the indoor/outdoor environment well, allowing all who sit in the space to feel comfortable with plenty of room to lounge. Sit by the window, enjoy a cup of coffee, do some people watching. The coffee alone is a reason to visit, with natural earthy flavors to enjoy with your peaceful afternoon experience.

What are some of your favorite neighborhood spots in Guangzhou? If you’re able to visit any of these places, let us know in the comments!


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