Shoes to Wear with This Season’s Trendiest Jeans

There are many variables at play when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit. There’s color palettes you choose, the fit, and temperature to consider. Given the spring/summer seasons, we can’t help but think about different types of jeans and the shoes that can be worn with them.

If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, check out our recommendations for different shoes to pair with jeans, below!

Cropped denim and the perfect heel:

Photo by Nesolenaya Alexandra
Photo by MRProduction

Denim and heels are a staple in women’s fashion. You can hardly ever go wrong, they’re appropriate for almost every event and environment (except maybe, hiking or a grassy picnic). Nothing beats a classic black stiletto with cropped blue jeans.

Embroidered denim

Photo by Cosmin Coita

The great thing about non-traditional denim looks is that it allows for even more flexibility with color combinations and opportunities to match different articles of your clothing. Bright colored shoes that match with a pink or orange in your jean’s stitching are a great way to subtly show off some personality and creativity.

Baggy jeans

Photo by Fabian Parkes

Wear baggy jeans with something flat, like our Jen shoes (which come in a variety of colors). Fun sneakers will work, too! Anything comfortable that shows off your ankles, especially if the crop for your jeans cut a bit higher from the ground.

Ripped jeans

Photo by Ikoimages

Jeans with rips in them will probably never go out of style. Throw them on with a comfy sweater and some booties for a stylish, simple look. Best for cozy days or times you feel like putting in little efforts to your wardrobe.

Denim skirts

Photo by Kiselev Andrey Valerevich

Denim skirts come in all kinds of styles, so choose the one that you feel most comfortable in β€” whether that’s something more flowy, or a mini-skirt that crops above the knee. This kind of denim is very versatile when it comes to shoes, but depending on the length of the skirt, you’ll want to pair shoes accordingly. Longer skirts tend to pair well with flats or heels, and shorter skirts look great with boots, gladiator sandals, and even sneakers!

Colorful jeans

Photo by Pressmaster

If you’re tired of regular blue jeans, switch it up and try a different color! Acid washed, solid pastels, dark colors, light colors β€” there are plenty of options. Skinny jeans always look great with a pair of casual sneakers or flats, try to match colors or offset different tones in your jeans with the colors in your shoes.

Photo by KieferPix

If you’re feeling inspired by some of the shoes in this post, check out our shop for a variety of flats in different colors and styles!

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